For the past 15 years, Volatile Media and its partners have been producing video content for some of the most notable corporations in the world, and specifically, the private equity industry. This division is led by a veteran private equity journalist who continues to cover the asset class and can help craft the best content for your priorities. Our offerings fall into three categories:

Portfolio Company Profiles

Tell the story of a given investment. For new investments, these brief programs can explain the rationale for buying that business. For realized investments, they can explain how the firm created value that drove those returns. And during the life of an investment, these can explain the milestones and challenges along the way.

Here are two examples, but we can share more work upon request. Simply email us for a password to view these samples.

Firm Profiles

Tell the story of a firm’s differentiated investment approach. Our clients have found real value during fundraising and investor meetings in using these programs to tout previous successes and explain their process for producing real returns.

Here’s an example, but we can share more work upon request. Simply email us for a password to view this sample.

Media Libraries

Private equity firms have numerous stakeholders, including investors, senior management at existing portfolio companies and potential investments, as well as employees and the public at large.

So, we build video content libraries of interviews and B-roll footage of investments that can be used to produce numerous programs tailored to a given constituency, at a fraction of the cost of starting from scratch each time.

Selected Corporate Clients

We’ve produced content for several private equity firms along with the following major corporations.